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Trade School Programs Madison Heights MI

Electricians read blueprints to install electrical systems in factories, office buildings, homes and other structures. They may also install coaxial cable for television or fiber optic cable for computers and telecommunications equipment. Electricians who work as commercial electricians may install or repair motors, transformers, generators or electronic controllers on machine tools and industrial robots. After formal apprenticeship training, electricians must pass a written test to obtain an electrician’s license.
Electrician Classes in MI
Carpenters cut, shape, fit and assemble building materials in the construction of buildings. Carpenters today build with wood, metal, plastics, fiberglass and Styrofoam. Following blueprints they measure, layout and build foundations, walls, floors, ceiling and roofs.

Carpentry classes in MI

The HVAC trade requires electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding and some insulation/sheet metal work. HVAC technicians are able to install, maintain, diagnose and correct problems in heating and cooling systems. This involves tasks working with many mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Technicians are expected to continue formal training to be current in advanced HVAC technology.
HVAC classes in MI
Sheet metal workers make, install and maintain air conditioning, heating, ventilation and pollution control duct systems. Math and geometry are needed to calculate angles for fabrication and installation of mechanical systems.
Sheet Metal classes in MI

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