Roofing – Level 1

GENERAL – 400 Hours Standardized

A. Carrying and placing materials for use by journeyperson.
B. Material handling, setting up the job site, cleaning up the job site.
C. Hoisting, loading and unloading materials and tools.

Roofing – Level 2

COMMERCIAL ROOFING – 2,750 Hours Standardized

A. Safety aspects.
B. Removal of old roofing.
C. Preparing of roof surfaces for covering
D. Preparing materials and equipment.
E. Product identification, applications methods, manufacturer’s; specs.
F. Vapor Barriers.
G. Insulation installation; tapered insulation; cover boards.
1. Cutting, fitting, attachment methods, fastening patterns.
H. Single Ply layout, attachment, installation methods.
I. Single Ply flashing materials, details, methods.
J. BUR layout, application of asphalt, felts, caps, gravel.
K. BUR flashing materials, details, methods.
L. Drain/Scupper Flashing.
M. Perimeter edge materials, details, methods.
N. Completing job, cleaning up, breaking down, clean/maintain equip.

Roofing – Level 3

SHINGLE WORK – 400 Hours Standardized

A. Asphalt shingles, underlayments, rolled roofing.
B. Nailing patterns, proper overlap, etc.
C. Cutting of shingles at ridges, valleys, edges.
D. Flashings.
E. Cleaning and completing the job.

Roofing – Level 4

OTHER MATERIALS – 200 Hours Standardized

A. Lumber, fasteners, felts, underlayments, insulation, pitch, asphalt flashing cement, coatings, gravel, river rock, etc.
B. Tile, mortar, grout, water, solutions, etc.
C. Slate, wood shakes, sheet metal, and more.

Roofing – Level 5

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – 250 Hours Standardized

A. Ladders, boom trucks, sky tracks, aerial lifts, tankers, kettles, piping, mops, scaffolding, hoists, hydraulic buckets, hoppers, scaffold, ATV’s, wheel barrels, carts, axes, saws, knives, shovels, rakes, brooms, trowels, hammers, levels, squares, punch, hand tools, chalk line, knives, scissors, rollers, heat guns, drill motors, and more.