Start Your Career in the Skilled Trades

The Southeast Michigan Construction Academy is the education affiliate for the Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeastern Michigan. For more than 30 years, SEMCA has provided a pipeline of qualified tradespeople taught by master-craftsmen for the jobs available in the industry.

Our application is now open for the winter 2023 semester. Please note: we will only offer electrical, welding and heavy construction for the winter semester.

SEMCA will develop you into a construction professional. We have been proud to provide valuable training to the construction industry’s emerging workforce.

Formal education at a trade school gives our students a competitive advantage in the field. At SEMCA, we offer training in electrical, carpentry, HVAC and welding for residential, commercial and industrial-sized projects. We train students to work on a variety of jobs.

Have a career in a field that enables you to make the most of your skills, see the results you want, and to live the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

Become a true industry professional and immediately enter your chosen field equipped with: hands-on skills, industry-specific education and nationally recognized certifications.

SEMCA Offered Trades

SEMCA provides craft training in welding, carpentry, electrical and HVAC.

Considering a career as a licensed electrician? A formal education and an apprenticeship are a must. You must be enrolled in a state-approved education program in order to work legally. Some unscrupulous companies may offer to hire an entry-level electrician who hasn’t enrolled in school. Unfortunately, those arrangements cheat the employee, as their on-the-job hours won’t ultimately count towards their journeyman card. Such a highly sought after credential makes the employee in-demand among employees, and in almost all cases, results in significant pay increases. 

If education is not a requirement for your future careers, what are the benefits of receiving a formal education from a trade school? 

You are investing in yourself! It’s something no one can ever take away. A formal education: increases the likelihood of securing a good-paying job, teaches you skills you wouldn’t learn on the job site as a beginner and helps you build a strong network with other construction industry professionals.

Scholarships are available to apply for throughout the year. SEMCA students are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships at a time. We encourage students to continually check our scholarship page for current postings of available scholarships. SEMCA also offers scholarships to SEMCA students only. These can be a great and effective way to minimize out-of-pocket costs for tuition.